Ullcatch in Tralee try out Lures while fishing for flounders and report:

Remembering back to a time when I picked up my first rod as a child and started fishing from the rocks for mackerel, lure fishing consisted only of a set of feathers and a 9f pier rod and Ryobi 233 spinning reel. Oh how things have changed! I have always been fascinated with lures and the different types of fishing that surrounds the whole lure phenomenon.

The history of fishing with lures goes back to the early 1900s where they were made commercially by the company Heddon and P Flueger in Michigan. Before that craftsmen and anglers were making their own lures. Fishing lines and hooks happed to be around a lot longer; the Chinese and Egyptians were using fishing rods, hooks, and lines as early as 2000 B.C.

Red vs White lure
Red vs White lure

There are many lures on the market- online and retail markets are flooded with them. I sometimes think that some lures are designed to catch us anglers and not fish; an opinion held by many! However, there are some fantastic lures out there that will catch you Bass, Pollock and now even Ballan Wrasse.

Interestingly I have also heard of some flounder being caught on lures in recent months. Flounder fishing on lures? This is not something you hear of everyday, and I do love a challenge. So the next ‘obvious’ step was arrange some lures that would do the trick. This meant a merited trip to Andrew Boyce in the Shankill Angling Centre, Dublin. After a long chat I left the shop with a bag full of varied soft plastics and lead heads. We all know that flounder are aggressive little fish, and will go out of their way to chase down and challenge its prey. It was up to me to show my worth.
So I decided to fish two marks: the first was an estuary and the other a mark in Tralee Bay. This would give me the option to try a few diverse techniques……

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John Sheehan with flounder
John Sheehan with flounder

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