Clare area by Ken O’Neill

West Clare Rivers and Coastal Area

The West Coast has been fishing well during the past week getting some good results from shore angling’s

  • Black Head many Conger eel have been caught – sizes ranging from 5 kg – 10.6 kg.
  • Mackerel and Pouting have been caught in large numbers but small sizes.
  • Quilty area has produced some nice size Pollack that have been caught within the 4-5 kg range.  Bass are being caught also there using a Bubble and Salt Water Fly.
  • The Doonbeg area was quiet enough due to the large tides last week – although some Mullet were caught on the fly.
  • Shannon Estuary is still producing some nice Bass Catches 4 – 5 lb. from the Shoreline at Carrigaholt – Kilrush area on the fly.  Catch and Release policy being well observed by some locals anglers – Well done Richard!
  • There were a good mix of white fish caught last week in the Shannon says Luke Aston, Carrigaholt.  Five Sharks were caught – one six-gilled Shark was hooked and played for 3 ½ hours before it broke loose.  Bullhuss, Scad, Coalfish and some nice Pollack (4kg largest) were also amongst the species caught last week.