David from the East Coast fishing reports: 

The distance from my apartment door and the Avoca River bank is 70 ft exactly. There is a jetty along this bank. Between the river bank and the jetty is a gap about 8ft wide. I was wonder, if there is any chance to get any fish from this narrow corridor.
I threw bread flakes on the water and went home for a cuppa. When I came back, my bread had disappeared and I spotted a couple of mullet cruising around.

I had a take in the very first cast, but missed it. Second cast- missed.
In the 3rd cast I finally hooked the fish. It was a little bit tricky to play with the fish in this narrow corridor but I made it.

After a quick self-taken photo session I released the fish. There was no point in staying longer at this place because the remaining mullet were spooked. I decided to check the opposite bank.

I located a small shoal close to the boat slip. I got 2 mullets one after another over there.
My second fish was very small, with different lips-  thin lipped mullet maybe?
I called it a day with 3 fish, not too bad for an 2 hr session , I think.

Thin lipped mullet??
Thin lipped mullet??

David, Arklow