We haven’t heard from Rockhunter for a while, but we’re glad he’s back.  He tells us that for the last couple of months he has focused on cod fishing. After a slow start in early November it significantly improved later in the month. Using large hooks (4/0 – 5/0) on pennel pulleys with big baits and fishing in the right place he has managed to avoid the small nuisance fish. If it can’t get its mouth around a 4/0 hook then he’s not interested.

The numbers have not been large but the quality has been superb. Rockhunter has had some very good fish, cod of 6 and 6.5 lbs as well as a few in the 5-6 lb range and a number of others above 4 lbs. It proved to by his best ever cod season.

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South Coast, Ireland
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