It was a great weekend at Oaklands, very hot on Saturday and the fishing was “peggy” each day. Corner peg 58 produced big weights both days and pegs 5 and 7 on the bottom island had top weights both days as well.

Fint Brennan winner Sunday and overall.
Fint Brennan winner Sunday and overall.

Trevor Platt won day 1 with 47kg from peg 5. Close behind was Paul Mansbridge with 45kg from peg 58. Everybody thought it was between the two for the final day’s overall prize of €1500 . But it the end neither angler took the cash. Irish team member Fint Brennen drew the hot peg 58 and weighed in a massive 62kg which together with his 6.5kg of silver fish on  Saturday piped Trevor Platt for the top prize.

Thomas Quinlin
Thomas Quinlin

Another great performance on the final day came from young Thomas Quinlin (15), a member of the Irish junior team, who caught 60kg from  island peg 7.



  1. Trevor Platt 47kg
  2. Paul Mansbridge 48kg
  3. Attila paldik 37kg


  1. Fint Brennen 62kg
  2. Thomas Quinlan 60kg
  3. Danny Murphy 30 kg


  1. Fint Brennen 68.5kg
  2. Trevor Platt 65kg
  3. Thomas Quinlin 60.5kg
  4. Paul Mansbridge 59kg
Trevor Platt
Trevor Platt