Templemore and District Anglers are doing an excellent job.  The Town Lake is an asset to Templemore and with the help of anglers and all those who frequent the park this beautiful area will be kept that way.

There are some excellent reports of some very good rudd been caught on the lake.  Templemore anglers have certainly seen rudd ranging from 2lb 11ozs more than once , and any where from there to 2-9,2-8,2-7,2-6, and so on. There are also reports of some very very big rudd getting away / been missed.  The downside for the moment is that some of the tench are spawning , but still good numbers are being caught. The bream and hybrid are still being very evasive, some hybrid were caught early in the year but seem to have went A.W.A.L.  The pole seems to be favoured a bit more than the float at present, bit of cage feeder doing well too, no specific bait been more successful than any other ,the old reliable maggots seem to be catching a bit of everything.

Chris with a beauty of a rudd....
Chris with a beauty of a rudd....

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