Paul Waghorn reports that conditions have improved somewhat at Lanesborough and that the first tench of the season have been landed there…

23 April: As the afternoon progressed, we were basking in the sunshine with temperatures reaching the heady heights of 15 or 16c This will without doubt warm the water, but we need several days to have a major effect on fish movement. Roach were again the predominate species but there increasing numbers of bigger Perch appearing with young Eosion Mcgowan catching one close to a pound on the gusher.

Anto McHugh with Lanesborough's first tench  estimated weight of 4lbs.
Anto McHugh with Lanesborough's first tench estimated weight of 4lbs.

The best news of the week was the first Tench caught by Anto McHugh of Ballyfermot at an estimated weight of 4lbs. Daniel Hoare caught some Roach below the bush and also lost a good Pike.

24 April: A slowish start for John And Kevin, the two overnighters who suffered from a bit of wind during the wee hours. Johns patience was rewarded however with two Tench around midday. There are quite a few anglers all along the stretch, and for the first time in a while, I think a more comprehensive ascessment of how the river is, will be apparent by the end of the day.

John with one of two tench landed yesterday
John with one of two tench landed yesterday at Lanesborough

A lot more anglers were present all long the stretch. We weighed John’s Tench and found the biggest to be a female of 4lb 11.5oz whilst the male went 3lb 9oz. Peter Wood had an estimated 25lb of all Roach from below the disabled swims.

Paul Waghorne

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