A big congratulations to David Muirin in Arklow on the birth of his lovely new daughter.  A new recruit to fishing and surely a record for being the youngest !!  David went fishing recently in Arklow and baby came too.  Lots of fresh air for Dad and child.

This trip was a good opportunity to test some of David’s new gear- reel and barbless hooks and to explain to his little apprentice the c & r policy, so important to preserve sportfishing for a future generations.

David tells us:

“Long time ago I was thinking to change trebles hook for singles, but this idea was always put somewhere on the back shelf. The real spark which has triggered the idea, was the new catching policy announced earlier this year.
Referring to it : Bye-law 897 of 2012 prohibits the use of any fish hooks, other than single barbless hooks, and the use of worms as bait in angling for all species of fish in the waters specified and revokes both Angling Bye-law No. 888, 2011 and Eastern Fisheries Region (Angling) Bye-law No. 824, 2007.
To be honest, I was a bit sceptic about hooking efficiency with singles.
But today’s session has proved it- they are doing a job .

Targeting trouts on my local river while babysitting, I managed to land every hooked fish. Even crazy rainbows trouts, which spent more time tail-walking in the air than water, weren’t able to spat off the hook.

I’m really surprised about the hooking rate. I realise as well, is still to early for judgment. Is the step forward, anyway.”

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David Muirin

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