Day Three and it is all happening!
Roy Marshall flew in from Thailand to compete in the Gowna Festival and has part-paid for the trip with a win yesterday that earned him £365 for a catch of 25-050. Roy – who moved abroad to run a fruit farm – obviously is up to the mark with tactics to catch Irish fish and using a groundbait feeder with worm and corn netted skimmer bream, roach and hybrids.

And interestingly, another well-known angler, John Linford – a ship’s captain who lives in Brazil – did well with a fourth placed 21-900 catch. More interesting for most of the audience came when John boarded the 17ft boat that takes everyone to their pegs. He stumbled with one leg in the boat and ended up completely submerged in the lake!!
Anyway, back to the results:
1 Roy Marshall, Thailand, 25-050
2 Tony Hopkins, Barnsley, 23-980
3 Roy Toulson, Nottingham, 22-530
4 John Linford, Brazil, 21-900

The lowest weight on day three was four kilos and so far the daily total have been D1 833k; D2 703k; D3 853k.
Two Days Remaining

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