Unattended for no more than 1 hour, an opportunistic theft from the Fermoy wheely boat occurred recently, with specially devised tackle being removed.

A low blow was dealt to the operation of the wheely boat, ‘An Spiorad Saor John Mahon’, in Fermoy with the mean-spirited theft of specialist tackle recently.

Fermoy has the only MK111 wheely boat registered in Ireland, specially adapted to be wheelchair accessible. It is widely used by disabled anglers, while also being used for angling trips generally and family sightseeing cruises. It is operated by Fermoy Town and District Anglers.


The theft of the tackle, which was specially modified for use by disabled anglers, took place on a recent weekday when the boat was moored at the new slipway at Fermoy Rowing Club. It occurred when the boat was left unattended for just an hour between 12.45pm and 1.45pm…..

The Avondhu 22/08/2013 Read the article ‘ Fermoy wheely boat – An Spiorad Saor John Mahon – suffers opportunist theft’

Chris O'Donovan, operator of Fermoy wheely boat 'An Spiorad Saor John Mahon', aboard the vessel moored at the new slipway at Fermoy Rowing Club last week. Specialist tackle, modified for disabled anglers was stolen from the boat on Wednesday last. Photo: Ellen Lynch