Eddie Long reports that the Naas and District Anglers summer league round 2 took place in Oaklands Fishery in New Ross Wexford on Sunday last 14th June 2015.

Trev Campbell
Trev Campbell

It was a glorious morning with temperatures set to hit 20 degrees and the craic and banter was flowing from the get go. We had twenty three anglers in attendance, nineteen for the league and four guests.

Chris Moore
Chris Moore

The all in was called at 12pm and everyone did their very best to bag up on carp. Athough conditions were good the fishing certainly wasn’t a bagging session for most. Trev Campbell and Enda Hickey set off well from the start and every time I looked over one or both were hauling in a lump. There were a few other large nets had from the opposite end of the lake but other than that the nets of fish were by no means colossal but everyone enjoyed the day out and nobody blanked so that’s something.

The all out was called at 5pm and the results were as follows.

  1. Section 1
    1st Mark Maloney with 38.200kgs
    2nd Grazvydas Karalius with 19.100kgs
  2. Section 2
    1st Stephen Maughan 23.100kgs
    2nd Sean Campbell 11.900kgs
  3. Section 3
    1st Trev Campbell with 47.100kgs
    2nd Enda Hickey with 29.700kgs
  4. Section 4
    1st Alex Radu with 26.800kgs
    2nd Paul McLoughlin 18.300kgs

Junior section

Michael Kelly had 9.600kgs

A big WELL DONE to Trev Campbell for winning but also for breaking the 100lb barrier. Also congratulations to Michael Kelly who was presented with a Daiwa reel for winning the Junior Winter league. He was also presented with a Naas and District Anglers club hoodie for fish of the season. During the week he landed a fine tench estimated to be between 6 and 7lbs. We’ll done Michael Kelly.

Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly

Waterford and District Anglers

David Norbry reports that Waterford and District Anglers had 7 members including 3 juniors fishing the 2nd master angler competition at Oaklands Lake on previous the same day. The sun beat down all day long and the fish fed well with two ton plus weights leading the way. Atilla Paldeak claimed top spot with 114.75 lb from peg 30. Not far behind with 108.75 lb was 10 year old John Browne who also broke the 100 lb barrier.

1 Atilla Paldeak 114.75 lb peg 30
2 John Browne 108.75 lb peg 28
3 Dudley Snidall 59.85 lb peg 29
4 David Norbury 49.40 lb peg 24
5 Aiden Dunwoody 19.45 lb peg 26
6 Philip Dunwoody 12.40 lb peg 31
7 Ryan O’Donohoe 9.80 lb peg 27
8 Mick Browne 8.65 lb peg 25