Royal Enfield CAC report on their Winter League:

The 5th leg of the Seamus Mooney Winter League was held on the Royal Canal near Enfield


  • 1st Aidan Gill 8lb 14ozs
  • 2nd Conor Browne 4lb 4ozs
  • 3rd Sean Ward 3lb 6ozs
  • 4th Matt Kemmy 2lb 2ozs


Overall Results:

  • 1st Conor Browne
  • 2nd Aidan Gill
  • 3rd Sean Ward
  • 4th Pat Bartley



  • 1st Rossa Monaghan
  • 2nd Killian Flynn

Thanks to all you attended and to Ribbontail Paddler Canoe Club for the use of their clubhouse at Longwood.