Jim Clohessy reports that the bass fishing has been very hit and miss this year and is still waiting for things to pick up since the season reopened last June…

Nice evening on the water!
Nice evening on the water!

22 July: Out yesterday and had a chance to reacquaint myself with bass.

My Best bass of the year so far!
What a scrapper, real dirty head down sort of fight….Superb! Black Minnow 25g 120 did the business

15 July: There was just the right break in the weather to make a run with Kevin Murphy in a BellaVista Hotel Raider Cuddy. We fished some reefs first and then headed inshore to chase some bass. It was a cracking day from start to finish.

Beautiful conditions offshore on the reefs. Pollack were not too bad in terms of size!

We used all manner of soft lures. Illex Nitro Slim Shad 180 did very well for me as did the reliable Black Minnow.

A decent Blue for Paul Drea
A decent Blue for Paul Drea

09 July: Today’s trip was a blast! We were watching the smallest break in the wind pattern. Paul Rea, Sean Aherne and myself ran in Paul’s Warrior 175 “Right Catch 2”. The conditions suited a trip for shark. We spent the first part of the trip chastising the pollack on the ling rocks, the size was small. Once we set our drift for the blues we had consistent shark action. Plenty of sharks about, we were sight fishing for a finish. Good craic all round!

Go fishing…

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Blue sharks tend to look a bit glum
Blue sharks tend to look a bit glum