The first report of pollack on the fly in Cork Harbour this year comes from Eire Bass guide Richie Ryan…

The guide was out in his boat Sea Hawk with his two good friends Dr. Jacques Bronkhorst and Kevin Mc Loughlin. Conditions dictated that the anglers stay within the confines of the harbour. One of the great things about living in the Cork area is the ability to seek shelter in adverse weather Richie says.

Dr. Jacques Bronkhorst had the right medicine for these pollack

At the start of the fly fishing session the Doc was the only one  catching pollack. He eventually let the lads in on his secret …..smaller flies! The guide admires Jacques’ knowledge of fishing in the salt long before he himself was ever tempted to try it. He’s the first to admit how much he has learned over the years from his South African buddy.  He is in awe at times of the simple things he and his fellow South African Louwrens Badenhorst ( Bads) do whilst on a session. Practical  things like turning the boat 180 degrees if the drift just isn’t working properly is one example. Or the two of them fishing the tide line , something they would always do at home in Africa without thinking.  These are the small things that can turn a good day into an excellent one. Richie makes amends here for telling Jacques “to stick to the day job ” last year. “If he ever does retire as a doctor , he would make a superb guide. Now Doc tie me a few more of those small flies ! ”

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