Jimmy Frazer reports that cold and windy conditions for most of the week kept some anglers off the Lough Arrow.  Those that did venture out reported some nice catches mostly to the Green Mayfly.

Kieran Lambert from Westmeath on his first visit to Lough Arrow had two fish weighing up to 1.5lb on a Grey Wulff.

Luke O’Connell and friend had six fish in one day up to 1.5 lb on wets.

Guests at Lough Arrow Caravan Park had some good reports also. Stevie Kearnan had three fish from 2-2.5lb. Ken Murray after returning six fish had three from 1.5-2.5lb. John Twoomey from England had three fish from 1lb to 2.5lb and Philip Murray had three fish from 2 to 4lb. Ron Farrell had three fish averaging 1.5lb on wets while Paul McCampill had one fish 3.10lb on the dap.

2 other anglers staying at Lough Arrow Caravan Park had 8 trout between 1.5 – 2lb on Grey Wulff.

Weather permitting there should be good falls of spent this week.