Melvin fished very well last week. Mayfly hatched consistently through the week and there were goods bags of trout recorded right throughout the week.

The Sonaghan are being caught from all over the lough. The deep water marks are fishing well but also shallow water areas such as the islands and Kinlough and Lareen bay where it would seem some of the Sonaghan have took up residence to avail of the mayfly hatches.

There were also some good bags of Gillaroo recorded from most shallow water drifts.

Go fishing…

Lough Melvin  is unique in that it holds a stock of 4 distinct species of trout. These are, common brown trout, sonaghan (Salmo nigrippinis), gillaroo (Salmo stomachius) and ferox (Salmon ferox). These species are genetically distinct and can be readily identified by their colours, spotting patterns and shapes. Wet fly fishing with a cast of 3 to 4 flies is the traditional method of trout fishing on Melvin. Some of the favourite patterns include; Bibio, Sooty Olive, Claret Bumble, Golden Olive Bumble, Gorgeous George and Green Peter. Trolling with Rappallas, Tasmanians and Tobies is the preferred method for pursuing salmon and the large ferox trout of the Lough.

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