Participants enjoyed fishing at FLOW Introduction to Fly Fishing for women at Straid Fishery, Ballyclare on August 14th.

This 20 acre lake, was perfect for participants who benefited from the presence of some of the 2016 International Ladies Fly Fishing Team being on hand to guide.

Irish Ladies Fly Fishing Assoc - FLOWAnother day will be hosted by the Lagan River Trust

Introduction to Fly Fishing for Women on Saturday 20th. August 2016 from 9.30 am to 4 pm at Fullerton Park, Dunmurry

As a part of Irish Ladies Fly-Fishing Association outreach program to encourage more people to enjoy the river in active and sustainable ways Lagan Rivers Trust is offering a day of introduction to the basics of fly fishing, specially for women. The ILFFA tell us:
We have accredited coaches, representatives from the Ladies national fly fishing team, and the equipment. We also do lunch!
Irish Ladies Fly Fishing Assoc - August 14th pic 6The gentle art of Fly fishing is a very broad topic, with thousands of books and videos about it, and a long history. It is often seen as male dominated, but should not be, as the record books have many ladies listed. Nor is it a sport where great strength is required; just skill and patience.
The aim of this one day event is to offer a taste of the sport to people who may not otherwise have the opportunity, or feel inhibited or shy.
You will not leave this class as an expert, but we hope you will have fun.
You will not catch a fish on this day, but you should leave with the ability and understanding of the basics of fly fishing, enabling you to catch a fish on your own.
We hope you will meet some new friends to go fishing with. Depending on the support and interest there may be some extra goodies and the opportunity to fish as a group (or groups) on another day.
There will be no worms, maggots or other slimy, smelly things, but you will get a close up look at some of the things which live in the water.

Irish Ladies Fly Fishing Assoc - August 14th pic 9Topics:

Health and Safety
The Very Basics and the reasons “why”
The social side
The “bugs” and water cycle of life, including a kick sample if time permits
Fly tying; representing the bugs on a hook
The mechanics of casting
Casting techniques and methods
Casting practice and coaching

Irish Ladies Fly Fishing Assoc - August 14th pic 3You should bring a waterproof coat and wellies or walking boots, as the casting is all outside on grass. We may also be along the river. A hat or cap and glasses or sunglasses will be needed too.

There will be no charge for the day, but some support for the Trust (a registered charity) as a member would be welcome if you feel it is justified.
Contact: [email protected]   Phone: 075 65500224

Irish Ladies Fly Fishing Assoc - August 14th pic 8