Kayak angler and Blogger Graham Smith is back at the shark species and has got his first of 2016 out of the way – a lovely tope from off Malin Head. Knowing that bait was scare in the area Graham was on the water on Saturday in search of mackerel. Despite getting in touch with some fine coalfish, only one Mackerel gave himself up for the cause.

On Sunday came early and it was back on the water for more bait. But 2 hours fishing only turned up 2 more mackerel. With the 3 mackerel and a few emergency coalies it was off at low water to the tope grounds. Fishing at anchor over pulley rigs, his mackerel fillets enhanced by an additive, Graham was under pressure as the forecast was for the winds to gain strength later in the day.

After 30 minutes of fishing Graham was wondering where the tope were, as they would normally have shown interest at this stage. At the same time the first hit came, but apart from a few teeth marks on the bait there was nothing to show for it. Ten minutes later the first real run came and it was fish on. Graham had some stressful moments as he got used to the controls of his new reel. Having overdone the brakes he managed to stop the fish dead in its tracks and was subjected to a fearsome fight at close range, followed by a very lively fish to be landed…

Tope in the boat

Thankfully Graham knows what he is doing when it comes to handling tope and other sharks in a kayak, and he safely landed and hooked the lively fish before safely releasing it. With that fish swimming away Graham was thinking about the next fish, but as luck would have it the weather was already turning and so he had no option but to turn for home.

Graham Smith is the Donegal Kayaker and you can follow his blog atwww.donegalkayaker.blogspot.ie

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