Last week there was some great fishing for some of the anglers visiting Lanesborough, writes Paul Waghorne in his very popular blog
09 May: A group of Welsh anglers arrived just after dawn and have had a very good session so far. Employing pole tactics, they have had mainly Hybrids and Perch with some quality Rudd to close on a pound and a half. There is a wee bit of cloud cover and maybe that has encouraged fish to feed with confidence.
Aiden was the sole angler out at dusk last night and whilst I was sitting with him had a Tench which was just over 4 lbs. It was so quiet with no others out, there were even fewer walkers. Anytime someone jumps on the concrete, I am convinced the shockwaves put off the Tench even though they may be 20 yards away.
The Welsh trio all claimed at least 50lbs per man which in my eyes is a damn fine catch. The mainstay of fish were Hybrids with good sized Perch and Rudd. It just goes to prove, that despite low water, some swims can still produce weights to be proud of.
Tommy Mcgee from Co. Galway and a 4lb 4oz tinca caught on 07 May

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Due to the biosecurity risks posed by the Asian Clam populations anglers can only use the specially provided keep-nets, available both sides of the bridge – from the Daybreak Filling Station, Ballyleague and Bridie Holmes Fishing Tackle Shop, Lanesborough.