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17 May: I have to admit that from March 25th through to May 11th, there was little or no chance of my annual pilgimage to Lanesborough being likely to happen, and if were truthful, I didn’t miss much.

Those who study weather patterns may have noted that the first three months of 2018 saw the longest prolonged low ground temperature probably since 1963? Some parts of Ireland averaged just 2.5c and I believe this is unprecedented. Being the smart arse that I am, I was confident that spring would be very late to arrive, and from reports all over Ireland, I understand that fishing has been poor.

Lanesborough can usually be relied on (when the levels are right) to produce early sport due to the warmer water from the power station outlet. It is true that some 4oz fish populated the area, these could have been resident fish. For the adult spawning fish however, it was a different matter.

I had my eye on the water temperature for Lough Ree and for most of March it was still less than 6c. It started to rise and on the weekend of 22nd April just got to the magic 10.3c (51f) which sees the shoals amass prior to spawning.

Those who kept in contact with me, were advised to fish the stretch, and Connor Lowry took advantage to weigh a new P.B. of 2lb 2oz. It was noted that far more female Roach were present than in previous years.

At least three Pike over 20lb were caught on the same weekend, but the week after the spawning, it was grim. The water temperature dipped and took a further two weeks to recover.

I predicted that we would not see an April Tench. Thankfully, I was wrong. Two very small males were caught before Arthur, a local Polish man had two in one session. The news of which prompted several very experienced anglers into action. (they blanked!)

So, when offered a window of opportunity to travel, albeit for just 10 days, I jumped in the car and made my way to Holyhead. The water had been a steady 12c for the best part of two weeks and surely it was just a matter of a short time before the next rise to see the Tench in the stretch?

I’ve been here four days now, and the sport has been very poor. Steven and myself have endured blanks on not just the disabled swims, but on the gusher and the warm peg below. How was this usually prolific area seemingly devoid of fish?

Whilst we were suffering however, two Tench over 6lbs were caught by Clifford and Keith Moreley from Norfolk on Sunday, but like us they really struggled the following day. Last night saw six anglers on the disabled swims, two of us blanked (guess who that was) whilst only one credible fish was netted to Keith who had a magnificent 2lb 7oz Rudd.

Here is the chart of water temperature rises, 22nd April was the Roach invasion. Yesterday saw the rise which should herald the tincas arrive in numbers?

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Due to the biosecurity risks posed by the Asian Clam populations anglers can only use the specially provided keep-nets, available both sides of the bridge – from the Daybreak Filling Station, Ballyleague and Bridie Holmes Fishing Tackle Shop, Lanesborough.