John Fleming reports from Galway Bay where charter boat angling is producing a nice mix of species…


We had some nice pollack fishing  on board Brazen Hussy using light tackle with jellies on the drift.

No Spurs but some good huss were caught

We anchored in search for spurdog but unfortunately to no avail, but we managed some nice huss to 108cm and pouting, we also had a nice shot of mackerel, and a surprise herring in with them.

Mackerel are always welcome at this time of year

Plenty of sandeels and launce been taken on sabikis so plenty of bait fish.

We have some weekend dates left in April for huss and spurdogs as well as whitfish and we should see hope showing up shortly also.

Bib or pout or pouting

Go fishing…

Blue Shark Angling

A regular day is between 9am- 6pm from either Rossaveal, Spiddal or Galway depending on species being sought after. Fishing on the inshore reefs for pollock, cod, ling, wrasse, conger eel and mackerel can be reached in 10 minutes from departure, while our offshore reef marks are within 45 minutes of departure. Our ground fishing for tope, spurdog, ray, bullhuss, turbot, plaice and the giant common skate can all be reached within the hour which ensures the most amount of time is spent fishing.
The shark season usually starts at the end of June and runs into late October, this is the ultimate angling adrenaline rush with these hard fighting blue and porbeagle sharks all being tagged and released safely.
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