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Inland Fisheries Ireland Statement on COVID-19 – Angling Guidelines


IFI has received input from the Dept. of Health in relation to the drafting of these recreational fishing guidelines and wish to advise as follows:

At present there have been no specific restrictions placed on recreational angling under the current Covid-19 guidelines; however, anybody intending to fish must ensure that they adhere to the latest advice on Covid-19 which is published here:


and here:


Anglers are advised to take normal safety precautions when fishing and in relation to Covid-19 should take the following into consideration:

  • No non-essential travel should take place – fish in your local area
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Reduce social interactions
  • Anglers should remain 2 metres apart (roughly one rod length) from each other and other members of the public
  • If applicable, anglers should check that the fishery is open in advance of fishing
  • Anglers need to be aware that they are in areas that are not routinely disinfected or cleaned and use all precautions to keep themselves and other safe from Covid19

IFI managed fisheries will remain open where possible but anglers should consult their local RBD offices to check the status of specific fisheries or see below fisheries closure notice. There will be no boat rental on IFI managed fisheries and areas where people may congregate (changing rooms, offices, tea rooms etc.) will be closed.

IFI are working to move all licence and permit sales online and they will be made available at the following web pages:

Salmon:          https://store.fishinginireland.info/

Other:             http://shop.fishinginireland.info/

If you do intend to go fishing you should adhere to the guidelines for getting outdoors responsibly published by Leave No Trace.