Sidney Kennedy reports on Amy’s latest Angling Adventures…

We had good fun on Sunday blue shark fishing and there was even a surprise porbeagle shark pup.

There was 4 of us fishing myself, Amy, my son Derick and his girlfriend Stephanie. It was an early start for us and we were launched by 7.30am. We were able to catch mackerel with ease for the first time in years. So with the bait caught we headed out to the shark grounds. We had a 35 minute drive we were at the mark. It only took 20 minutes after that  for Amy to hook the first blue shark and after a 10 minute fight we had it in the boat, where it was quickly unhooked at put back unharmed.

Then we were into another one and soon after Derick landed his shark my rod went off. Just like that we had 3 sharks landed and returned unharmed.

Stephanie followed up the action with a reel melting run. She set the hook and it gave another few fast runs that seemed very fast for a blue shark and as I pulled the fish towards the surface I got a super surprise as a porbeagle was looking up at me. It was the first one the we ever landed. So, we had another 2 sharks caught and released, but as everyone of them was under 40lb I increased the size of the hooks and bait but we were still hitting pups. Overall it was a good family fun fishing day.