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Plenty of fly life on the Nore


Dan O’Neill reports from Mount Juliet on the River Nore…

With the wind dropping back a bit and weather quite humid fly hatches were plentiful along the Nore, lots of spinners and some sedges dive-bombing to the water’s surface.

Plenty of fly life on the Nore

It’s been a busy few days on the river, plenty of trout caught mostly on dry dropper with some later in the evening on sedge patterns. Ptn took probably 75 percent of the trout I had with the remainder falling to a French nymph.

I was lucky enough to meet a gentleman named Joe Hickey and fished with him for a few hours on Monday. Joe had some lovely trout, two of which gave a great account of themselves and made us both remember why we enjoy this sport so much. It was a pleasure to watch Joe fishing and I did so for quite some time.

We are now running evening fly fishing sessions on the river comprising of a talk on different patterns, different techniques, setups, how to read the water and talks on tackle. For information on the sessions and pricing please contact me on the details below.

Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

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Mount Juliet House is set on a large estate, which offers private fishing on 2.5 miles of the middle to lower reaches of the River Nore. Mount Juliet Estate offers fishing of the highest quality, just a short stroll away from the Manor House. There is a fishing room on site in the Manor House for your convenience i.e. for storage and drying of fishing equipment. Mount Juliet Estate can also provide the necessary equipment on site if needed.


For any information contact Dan,

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