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Superb season for anglers on Lough Conn

Padraig Traynor bringing a lovely two-pounder to the net in Neds Bay, on the Western side of L. Conn

Declan Cooke reports from Lough Conn…

Lough Conn was superb in 2020 and continued to produce good trout angling until the cooler weather which arrived for the last few days in September. Trout lost interest in surface feeding and probably went in search of fry or benthic invertebrates. As a great season drew to a close on the lake, Massbrook and Cornakilliew provided the best of the sport with Daddies and Green Peters still proving successful with the last of the feeding trout.

Earlier in September, the exceptionally fine weather made angling on the lake extremely enjoyable and no less productive with sedge patterns and Daddies still the favourite flies for surface feeding trout.

The view from Kent’s Pool on the Eastern shores of L. Conn

The “Alt” and Kent’s Pool were also worth a drift, producing some lovely fish which, by this time, were starting to show signs of preparation for spawning. These included a nice 1.75lbs. trout caught by Phil Mc Ginnity from Westport.

Phil Mc Ginnity from Westport with a nice 1.75lbs. trout which was released

At this time of year, anglers tend to be acutely aware of the necessity to handle fish with particular care and practice catch and release. It is heartening to note that all catches reported to IFI  were released during these last few weeks of the 2020 season.