Look and Learn: How to get started at sea trout fishing in the sea


Marcin Kantor is back on the YouTube with a two part video that gives some really good advice for anyone thinknig about have a go for sea trout in the sea. Before you take to the water don’t forget to buy your licence and check local regulations.

Part 1.

Marcin’s Notes: Sea Trout fishing with lures must be the most frustrating type of fishing I have ever done! Yet, it was an unbelievably rewarding type of angling and one that was great fun! I didn’t do much fishing for Sea Trout this year until this session and was dying to catch one on lures. During the video I explain my approach to Seatrout fishing, I show my best Seatrout lures, for example, the very effective and cheap as chips Kilty Catcher Lure. I explain then how I make them even better with the addition of the never-failing sandeel teaser fly rig, and I give an early preview of my shrimp fly rig for seatrout fishing.

Part 2.

 Marcin’s notes: During part two I will go in details through my setup, my best seatrout lures, what seatrout flies I use and how to tie shrimp fly teaser rig.

For More details on his set up and special deals see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE8NzO0Xjpc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luQjjGxXnVg and when you’re there don’t forget to Like and Subscribe.

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