Conor McMahon is hoping our readers may be able to shed some light (neon) on this strangely coloured pike. Conor tells us this was not the only pike of this colouring to come from the midlands lake he was fishing at the weekend, but it certainly was the most spectacular.

We’ve seen photos of pike like this before, but have not done any specific testing to establish what might be causing this. Certainly it does not seem to disadvantage the pike, they have always seemed healthy and fit.

There are a few theories as to what may cause this. Some say it is just the chromatophores, the special cells in the a pike’s skin that help to create the colours and patterns they typically exhibit, and perhaps something in the lake made them want to blend in to a different background.

Others think that there may be genetic reasons, similar to the response to increases in ultraviolet radiation shown by walleye in North America.

What do you think?

Have you seen pike with this sort of colouration before?

pike with a blue mouth
A very blue pike