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Angling on Loughs Conn & Cullin improves further

Lough Cullin

Philip Thornton reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

Lough Conn

Last week saw Lough Conn produce its first salmon of the season by angler Michael Noone, the fish weighed in at nine pounds and was caught trolling at Castlehill.

The trout fishing improved last week with anglers making the most of a day off to mark St. Patrick’s Day on the water. Jim Kelly returned four trout at the Castle and another angler over a two-day period had three fish in Cloghans Bay with a two-pound best. Padraic Traynor reported four fish all of which were returned at Bog Bay with a pound and a half best, all caught on buzzers. Ian Wise had another great effort with three fish on a Fiery Brown and Sooty Olive at Bog Bay. Joe Quinn reported four trout on Lough Conn over a three-day period with the biggest coming in at one pound four ounces.

Lough Cullin

Lough Cullin saw four trout caught and released on buzzers by angler Shane Gainley the biggest of which was two pounds.

With a slow but improved catch return this week the Duckfly is likely to improve angling in the coming week.