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Cold, blustery day on the Nore but trout didn’t mind


Dan O’Neill reports from the Nore…

A fairly cool weekend with medium to strong blustery wind made fishing on Saturday a little difficult to say the least. I think if Saturday had been 2 months further into our current season I possibly would of been at the vice instead. But being full of fishing spirit this early in the season the weather wasn’t going to stop me.


Very unsure where I was going to fish today. I was trying to find as much shelter as possible from the wind, finding a stretch along pebble beach I gave it a go. I started at 12 o’Clock and had plenty of trout on wets and dry dropper. the trout were further back in the runs and along a lot of the ledges also. I found the trout to be in pods. I would hit 5 or 6 then move along a little and hit a few more.

Fishing was challenging but each trout made it worth it. The nymph that worked the best under my Klink was the olive thread nymph with flash under the tail.

Trout were mostly under the average size for here which is about 20cm. In saying that I had 6 or 7 between 25 – 30 cm; the bigger trout gave a great account of themselves showing the usual acrobatics.

Wet flies worked well for a short while. There was quite a good hatch of olives just after mid day.

The river is still a little cold. It fished best from 12 – 2.15 and it had gotten quite slow by my finish time of around 4pm.

Looking forward to some warmer weather hopefully soon ,

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Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

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