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Cold start but decent sport on Kings River


Dan O’Neill reports from the River Nore…

The weather forecast this weekend predicted we were going to be in for a tough time. Had I got enough nymphs tied to cover most situations? Probably. Was I going to tie more? Most definitely.

As I sat at the fly thing vice I could see the sleet and snow falling against the yard light. At this point most people would think a lie in was in order for Saturday morning, instead I found myself making the hotspots on the nymphs a little larger and giving an extra turn oof lead to the shank of the bare hook in the vice.

As with most season starts I do find myself going to the Kings River quite a lot and this morning was going to be no different. As the sun rose higher it was a little warmer than I had expected and less blustery which made my walk quite enjoyable. I had a good idea where I was going to start today so didn’t waste any time getting there. With a Pheasant Tail on point and an Olive nymph on dropper it was only minutes before I met my first small trout. the trout fell to the Olive nymph. IThrough the morning’s fishing I had quite a few small trout mostly on the olive nymph. I also had 2 larger fish. These both took a Pheasant Tail Nymph with a glass bead behind the tungsten bead. I found that the little flashy pieces under the tail of the olive made a huge difference as I tried with and without and those with the extra flsh were far superior.

Nice fish from the Kings River

The water was pushy in the main runs. Most fish were back from the head of the pools; tight to the banks and hard on bottom. Last week it was the Pheasant Tails with green hotspots was by far the best. The sme fly didn’t claim a fish today. Trout caught did show some signs of a hard winter. Looking forward to meeting them in the summer time.

Some of the trout showed signs of a tough winter

Olive nymph

olive nymph
Olive nymph, tied beadhead style
  • 3mm slotted tungsten bead ( gold )
  • Dohiku jighead size 16
  • Uni thread olive thread 72d  8/0w
  • Yellow coq de Leon tail
  • Copper flash under tail
  • Olive seals fur thorax

Pheasant tail nymph

Gold head Pheasant Tail Nymph with a glass bead thorax
  • 2.5mm countersunk bead ( gold )
  • Dohiku size 16 301
  • Piscari fly Kevlar thread
  • Pheasant tail fiber tail
  • Pheasant tail fiber body
  • Piscari fly glass bead
  • Sybai 0.1 gold wire rib
  • Piscari fly fox squirrel uv dub thorax

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Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

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