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Local anglers continue to do well on Lough Conn

A calm and sunny Lough Conn

Kevin O’Boyle reports from Lough Conn…

Only a few local anglers ventured out on Lough Conn this week. Ian Wise from Cloonamoyne Fishery had some good fishing all in Bog Bay over four evenings. His best fish was a fine trout just over 3 lbs. caught on a Fiery Brown. Six other trout were reported caught on Sooty Olives and the Connemara Black. All these trout were released.

Peter Roach had some terrific fishing over a few evenings. He had twelve trout to the boat, the best of which weighed 3 lbs. and lost a couple more.  Best flies for Peter were Bibio, Sooty Olive and Kate McLaren. All trout were returned to the water.

Eight more trout were reported from Brackwansha and Cloghans Bay, the best of which weighed 1.5 lbs. The Duck Fly has almost finished now. The hatch was poor in general probably attributed to the harsh cold weather conditions. Some Sedges are starting to hatch now in certain bays on the lake.

With travel restrictions easing, more anglers will be able to wet a line.