We have received a few reports about the trout fishing on Lough Sheelin recently. The weather has been all over the place with 4 seasons in one day. Rain sometimes torrential, winds from every point on the compass and squalls, thunder and lightning, icy temperatures and hailstones, big ones that hurt. However, there was some nice sunshine and nice cloud cover with gentle breezes as well. Not to mention the flat calms.

Lough Sheelin, Ireland
Sometimes the weather was not sure what to do!
Hatches in patches

Despite all the adverse weather no one was going to complain especially after waiting for so long to get on the water. Like elsewhere hatches of flies were sporadic and patchy. Sparse on some days and prolific on others. Its quite a remarkable sight, to see great hatches of greens and the surface of the lake carpeted with these magnificent flies and not a rise in sight. In some areas however, the fish were on the fly but not all the time.

Lough Sheelin, Ireland.
But, when it rained it rained!
Hatches and Catches

But fishing is fishing and some anglers had success over the last couple of weeks taking the opportunities when they presented themselves. Well known fishing guide Richie Johnston was out and about and reported good hatches and fish activity. Some great hatches of fly all right and good fish moving. According to Ritchie he “had some good ones. Best so far for me was a fish of 6lb 10oz on a dry. This super trout was returned alive to the lake”

A Lough Sheelin Trout, Ireland.
Richie Johnstons 6lb 10oz trout caught on a dry on Lough Sheelin
Another six pounder

Dan Prunty was also out wetting a line and had some very nice fish. Dan managed three fish for his day and lost two as well. Dans best fish was again over 6lbs and taken on a green.

Dan Prunty with a beautifully marked Sheelin trout weighing over 6lb.

I had a chance to get out myself for a couple of days and like all anglers was just delighted to be back on the water. I was lucky enough to manage a few fish including one of 54 cm and the best at 58 cm

Trout fishing on Lough Sheelin, Ireland.

Evenings were cold with not a lot happening and the fishing was not easy. Some beautiful sunsets though.

Sunset on Lough Sheelin, Ireland.
Another beautiful sunset on Lough Sheelin.
Go Fishing…

House Rules: A permit is required to fish Lough Sheelin. Buy your permit online at: shop.fishinginireland.info or from any of the permit distributors listed here.

Catch and release: A catch & release policy is actively encouraged on the lake at all times

Extra care is needed when playing and releasing trout during periods of high water temperatures as additional stress at these times will decrease the survival rate of hooked and released fish.

 BYE-LAW 949 strictly prohibits:

  • The taking of any brown trout of less than 36 centimeters.
  • For a person to fish with more than 2 rods at any one time.
  • To fish with more than 4 rods at any one time when there is more than one person on board the boat concerned.
  • For a person to take more than 2 trout per day.
  • All trolling on the lake from March 1st to June 16th (inclusive).
  • To fish or to attempt to take or to fish for, fish of any kind other than during the period from March 1st to October 12th in any year.

Further Information: You can find additional information on Lough Sheelin in the following link https://fishinginireland.info/trout/shannon/sheelin/ 

A 58 cm Lough Sheelin trout
A 58 cm Lough Sheelin trout
Join the Club…

For anyone interested in joining Lough Sheelin’s Angling Club – The Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association please contact Thomas Lynch @ 087 9132033.

Guides and ghillies…

We would implore anglers and all other users to wear life jackets for their own safety as well as it being the law.

Life jackets are required by law – SI No 921 of 2005 – Pleasure Craft (Personal Flotation Devices and Operation) (Safety) Regulations 2005. Water rarely gives second chances and a life jacket is just that – it saves your life. Please put on and keep on that life jacket until you are back on dry land.