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Return to the Nore doesn’t disappoint


Dan O’Neill finally gets to fish the Nore…

After waiting a little while since the 17th of March for the Nore to be suitable for fishing along the stretch I fish, the day finally arrived at the start of the week. Doing a mix of euro nymphing, dry dropper and wet fly fishing was the plan. The water was a little shy of .60m on the gauge, temperatures also dropped slightly the last few days, anyway enough excuses.

bead heads
Peeping Caddis (right)

Peeping caddis

  • Size 12 dohiku jighead
  • Piscari fly 4mm tungsten slotted bead
  • Piscari fly Kevlar thread
  • Piscari uv fox squirrel body
  • Flashbou rib
  • Partridge feather ( for legs )
  • Green wool ( with the end heated with lighter for caddis head ) Uv black peacock dub thorax

Starting out with euro nymphing first I tried a peeping caddis on point with a black pheasant tail with flash spot dropper. The  pheasant tail claimed quite a few trout all around 15 – 20cm, one or 2 perhaps between 20 – 25cm on the peeping caddis

I didn’t spend too much time on euro nymphing and switched to dry dropper. Fishing no more than a rod length from the bank directly upstream seemed to be most successful. Most trout fell to the pheasant tail again with some to a grey bodied nymph.

Pheasant tail nymph
Black PTN Flash

Black PTN Flash

  • Size 16 dohiku jighead
  • Piscari fly 2.5 – 3mm silver bead
  • Black pheasant tail body
  • Black pheasant tail fiber tail
  • Flashbou hot spot under tail
  • Sybai gold rib
  • Piscari fly black rabbit dub thorax
  • Piscari fly Kevlar thread

Now it was time to wet fly. Picking out a stretch under George’s Wall I began fishing. The usual rattles came quickly, a few small trout to hand. As I got further away with my casts the larger trout started to take. Some explosive hard takes made for exciting fishing and a few slower gentle pulls also resulted in nice sized trout.

A simple wet fly

Wet Fly

  • Dohiku 302 hook
  • Tommy fly white uv under body
  • Lt Cahill thread body
  • Ginger / brown hen cape
  • Tommy fly black uv thread head

I have been out a little over the weekend but the cold weather and wind made it tough. I still had a few trout which was very welcome. All in all it’s great to be back on the Nore again after a very long tough winter.

A pretty Nore trout

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Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

Go fishing…

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