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Sinking lines do the trick on Conn!

A beautiful trout caught by Peter Roche at Cloghans Bay, Lough Conn

Kevin O’Boyle reports from Lough Conn…

Bright sunshine all week on the lake put some anglers off while the few that did wet a line had some good results. There was a notable absence of fly life, but some early hatches of mayfly were seen in Tolan’s Bay and Cloghans Bay. Most trout were caught on sinking lines.

Peter Roche had 7 trout to the boat all released, between 1.5 lbs. and 2 lbs. mostly to sedge patterns in Cloghans Bay and old Schoolhouse Bay. Gary Binley had 5 trout, best of which weighed 2 lbs.

Thirty-one trout were reported overall with most fish returned alive.  The best trout reported caught was from Tolan’s Bay, North Conn from local angler Pawel Jasnikowski for 2.2 lbs. with 2 more trout returned alive. Padraig Traynor had 3 to the boat, the best of which weighed 1.5 lbs., all taken on dabblers.