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Tough Conditions on Conn & Cullin

Ryan Leonard releasing a trout for just over 1.5 lbs. in Tolans Bay

Kevin O’Boyle reports from Lough Conn & Lough Cullin…

Trout angling is proving to be hard work on the lakes these days. Sedge hatches are patchy and weather conditions are not helping.

With only five weeks left, conditions will hopefully inmprove towards the end of the season.

A few groups of Anglers fished out of Cloghans Bay, and they all encountered some small trout on sedges, daddies and bumbles with all trout released.

Brothers Brendan and Cormac Murphy had 2 trout each for roughly 0.75 lbs. on dry sedges (all released) in Cloghans Bay and Sandy Bay.

Cormac Murphy released this trout for 0.75 lbs. caught on a dry sedge

In South Conn, Ed Mc Loughlin and Pat Carroll from Co. Offaly had a few trout to sedges and Green Peters over two days fishing along Brackwansha Shore and all the Bays towards Poteen Island. Best trout for 1.25 lbs. all returned.

Across the lake in Massbrook, Galway anglers Paul Keogh and Des Walsh had a few trout to Dabblers and Green Peters in just two hours after spending 3 days on the Lake.  Best trout 1.5 lbs., with all released.

Outside Castle Island near Bog Bay father and son team, John and Robin Bozeman from London had one trout each on pearl dabblers, all just over 1 lb. returned.

Trout released by Brendan Murphy for just 0.75 lbs. on a dry sedge

Ryan Leonard fishing with friends had a few rises and caught one trout for just over 1.5 lbs. on a Green Peter before releasing again in Tolan’s Bay.

Ian Wise and Johnny Warren from Crossmolina fished out of Enniscoe, while they rose a good few trout, they had only 4 trout to the boat, best 1.5 lbs. on a Green Peter all released.