Anyone who knows John Fleming, skipper of the Brazen Hussy II, knows he loves his shark fishing. So much so he named his business Blue Shark Angling Galway. John has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of sharks to the bay, and this week he had the right crew on board.

The anglers – Andy ,Conor, Paul and Gavin brought 3 nice porbeagles to the boat, and had 3 or 4 more dropped runs. Porbeagles, for the uninitiated, are like a miniature version of a great white. Well, we say miniature, but these powerful sharks can go to well over 300lbs. And anyone who has played a good porbeagle knows the sheer power they have. I certainly do – my back remembers!

A decent porbeagle brought to the side of the boat. Most are released here to avoid unnecessary handling.
Let’s do battle! Getting stuck into a porbeagle


The following day saw 2 more sharks landed, both porbeagles again, no sign of blues yet. Both fish came to Andy’s rod; the first fish approx. 80-90lbs was released at the side of the boat. An hour or so later and after a couple of drops Andy hooked into a bigger fish which gave a really good account of himself. The fish wrapped in the leader at the end so it was decided to boat the fish to untangle it and get it back safely. And time for a quick photo of course!

Andy with one of his porbeagles
Fish on!

Before all shark hell broke loose, John’s anglers were enjoying good mixed fishing earlier in the week, with plenty of whitefish producing great sport.

A nice pollack

Go fishing…

To book fishing with John aboard the Brazen Hussy II, give him a call on 087 7571320

A regular day is between 9am- 6pm from either Rossaveal, Spiddal or Galway depending on species being sought after. Fishing on the inshore reefs for pollock, cod, ling, wrasse, conger eel and mackerel can be reached in 10 minutes from departure, while our offshore reef marks are within 45 minutes of departure. Our ground fishing for tope, spurdog, ray, bullhuss, turbot, plaice and the giant common skate can all be reached within the hour which ensures the most amount of time is spent fishing.
The shark season usually starts at the end of June and runs into late October, this is the ultimate angling adrenaline rush with these hard fighting blue and porbeagle sharks all being tagged and released safely.
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Address: Baile an tSagairt, Spiddal, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 (0)87 7571320

Blue Shark Angling Galway,
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