Angling guide Jasper Mathews spent a few days on Corrib last week and sent in a report.

I was out 3 days on corrib this week, on Wednesday, with clients, we found some hatching mayfly with a few fish feeding on them, we moved 2 to dries but no connection, before getting 4 smaller fish on wet mayflies and a green Peter, these were my clients first Irish trout, ticking off a bucket list item for them.

Thursday Steph and I went trolling, Steph had her first experience of losing a fish (we weren’t quite sure what it was, as I use a method that takes both salmon and trout and it wasn’t on long), I gave her a playful slagging over it, karma kicked in and I lost a salmon a couple of hours later.

On Friday I went for a solo troll, fishing was slow other than being plagued by perch, however it ramped up quickly on the way back to the launch when one of the rods started screaming and I saw a substantial fish go airborne way out of the stern of the boat. I took my time with it after losing a fish the day before, I got it close to the boat 3 times with it running off before I could get a proper look each time, the 3rd time I glimpsed the tail and realised I was in a very good fish, the 4th time I managed to get its head up and a coloured springer weighed at 12lbs 13.5oz made the net, before going back strongly to fight another day. To me that’s the beauty of Corrib, it can be a hard lake to fish but you just never know what’s going to happen there.

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Another guide on the fish was Tomi Kurman, who gave some of his clients a red-letter day on the ferox trout before taking a mid-season break to rest the big fish and concentrate on pike.

In Tomi’s own words:

Great to be at this magnificent fish again. Today was the “end mark” of the first half of the Trout Season for me. From tomorrow I’m taking my annual break from targeting these superb fish during the summer months. They will have a rest and I will be still dreaming about catching them 
So this “Half Season Day” made a name for itself with a BANG! We had 6 takes which resulted in one lost trout, one pike and FOUR solid Ferox. We started a day with a fish of 74cm- 13lb11oz, then 75 just over 10lb, 76cm at 12lb9oz…. And….. 85cm at 17lb2oz!!!!
The biggest fish was running like there was no tomorrow and it was just meters of line left before we would have to chase it with the boat.
What a day!

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