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Opening day report from the Kings River


Dan O’Neill report from the Nore where the trout fishing got underway on March 17th…

At last the long awaited first day of the fishing season has landed, all our winter creations will be put to the test on the trout and salmon of our local rivers and favourite fishing spots. Just before the heavy couple of days rain we had, it looked like the Nore was going to be in good condition for the opening day. Tactics and locations had to be re-thought in the end as the rain pushed the river up to nearly 1.9 / 2m on the gauge and the temperature dipped a little to 8°C. After a long chat pat and I decided to try the Kings River for our first outing of 2022. Cleaning lines and repairing pinholes in waders from last season took up most of fishing-season-eve helping to build excitement all associated with the first day of the season.

Both Pat and I have our favourite runs on the Kings River, so once we parked up and got our waders on it was off to the bank for the much awaited first cast. Tactics for this day varied a little. I did nymph for 30 minutes then switched to wet fly once I saw some Olives about. Getting to my first run it wasn’t long before a beautiful brown trout leapt for freedom and my rod leaned in the direction the fish. Using the fast strong current the trout did everything in its power to escape. But I brought it to my side and wet my hand and gently picked up the trout so I could get a picture before I released it back to the Kings River. There were plenty more trout that followed all of similar size and in good condition. On that, condition was probably slightly better than this time last season.

Moving on up a little I came to a stretch where I wanted to try wet fly. It really showed me why I fish so much, everything about it was magical; the trees, the water, the the light. I was watching some rising trout at the end of the run, and I had to slow my pace as I knew I was rushing through the water between me and them. The wet fly produced some lovely takes. Watching the line jump or twitch suddenly is something that no matter how much you see it the feeling never changes. I found myself millions of miles away mentally but in reality I was 10 minutes from the current goings on.

Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

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