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Trout season kicked off on Lough Arrow

Paul Colreavy receiving the trophy for winning the opening competition on Lough Arrow

Last Saturday, the trout fishing season kicked off on Lough Arrow.  A day after, Lough Arrow Fish Preservation Association & District Angling Club held their opening competition.

Lough Arrow Anglers report…

The season kicked off on Saturday 1st April, with a good number of boats out throughout the lake. Strong blustery winds made boat-handling and fishing tricky. Conditions were so bad that one of our most experienced club members got his brand new Cortland 444 wrapped around the prop in the first 10 minutes – it has happened to us all! For some, it was their first venture out on the water this year and it can take a few trips to get back into the swing of things. Local angler Colin Dodd had a great few hours fishing landing 3 beauties, with the best over 3lbs.
Sunday brought the first competition of the year. There were 48 competitors. We had really calm conditions until after midday but the wind did pick up a little heading into the afternoon. Most anglers prefer stronger winds but we made the best of the day’s conditions.
Back at The Mayfly Inn for the weigh-in, we had the usual stories of trout risen, missed and lost. It was great to meet up with everyone again. There were 10 fish weighed in and the overall winner was Paul Colreavy with a trout of 3.4lbs. which fell for a Hare’s Ear Dabbler.
Many thanks to Philip and Ellie for hosting the weigh-in. The next competition will take place on Sunday 16th April for The Martin Carr Perpetual Cup.