The 2nd qualifier of the Ireland’s Feeder King event was held on Saturday, April 6th, on a very blustery Lough Gowna/Rockfield.

Feeder international Charlie Richards put in a great display on a very difficult Rockfield to win ZONE A with just under 5kg of skimmers and hybrids and roach. Richard Pratt caught a couple of bream and some other smaller fish to win ZONE B on Tessies.

There was a fierce battle between the 2 Rorys, Dunne and O’Neil on ZONE C Corfree. Both anglers caught mostly small fish to finish level with an even 4kg weight and both go through to the grand final.



  • ZONE A Charlie Richards 4.710kg.
  • ZONE B Richard Pratt 6.650kg
  • ZONE C Rory Dunne/Rory O’Neil 4.650kg.


  • A Rockfield – Charlie Richards and Piotir Horbinski.
  • B Tessies – Julian Kendrick and Richard Pratt.
  • C Corfree – Rory Dunne/Rory O’Neil and Nigel Houldsworth