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Slim pickings at South Shore SAC Master Angler


It can be grim enough on the beaches in February when the wind is howling, and the light is fading, but when, in addition to the above, the fish are not biting… it takes a certain sort of toughness to be able to stick that out.

Such it was for the 35 members of South Shore SAC who headed to Kilgorman for the first round of their Master Angler 2024. Most anglers can endure some rotten weather if there are fish present to keep them occupied, but unfortunately, most fish had more or less deserted the beach last Sunday, leaving anglers to scratch about for the odd whiting or flattie in order to put any sort of score on the board.

What’s rare is wonderful…a hard-got flattie from Kilgorman.

It took only 6 fish for Ruari Coleman to post a win in Zone A, with Lar Mooney finishing runner-up with 5. In Zone B it was even tougher, as Paul Tyndall topped that zone with just 5 fish, beating Paul Scanlan (4 fish) and Paul Mason (4 fish) into second and third. So, with half the anglers catching one fish or less, it’s fair to say it was a tough day all around, but with the days rapidly lengthening and spring knocking on the door, let’s hope that’s the worst they will have to face for the year.

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