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    Coarse angling on the Upper Boyne Lakes


    The Dysart Lakes are located 4km southwest of Delvin and cover an area of approximately 12 hectares. Lough Analla is the largest of these lakes and a number of fishing stands have been provided to facilitate angling on these waters. Fishing is often difficult but the rewards can make the extra effort worth wile. These lakes hold large stocks of roach, rudd, tench, perch and are also noted for producing large pike. The best access to the lakes is from the road to the southwest the first turn left past Johnstown school. Car parking is also provided for in this area.

    The Ben Loughs are located north east of Fore and Lough Adeel which lies east of Collinstown are regarded as mixed fisheries offering both game and coarse angling. They are regarded primarily as coarse angling waters, which provide good quality pike fishing. However they do hold small stocks of good trout to 3-4lbs in weight. Access is difficult and permission to fish should be sought locally.

    The other lakes illustrated are for reference only and are not generally regarded as major fishing venues.


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