Jay La Roche heads out on Sunday 5th August and reports:

I finally picked my first good sized fish on my new Tiro the other day. I was initially fishing soft plastics with a couple of taps which I put down to small pollack.  After a half hour just coming into dark I noticed a large swirl just outside the distance I could cast with the sp’s so on went my new illex chatterbeast in pink and white and I cast beyond the swirl and just as I was working the lure past where the initial swirl was, a bass came crashing up and nailed the lure. It went on a few nice runs and had plenty of power but at no time did I feel out of control with the rod absorbing everything the fish threw at it.

Jay's Bass
Jay's Bass

A lovely fish landed weighing in at 7lb on the boga.

Very pleased with the fish and by the way the blood at the rear of the fish is mine I stupidly got nailed by one of the trebles whilst lifting the fish from the water. One thing I did notice was that this was one solid fish stuffed with food and in great condition it did take its time going back but back it went to grow and hopefully get caught again as a bigger fish some other day.

After returning home I took out the BASS tape and according to that it should have been a fish of between 5.5 and 6lb’s which makes me think that maybe this tape isnt really applicable to fish in Irish waters.

A short but great session and really pleased to have my first decent Bass on the Tiro.

August 11th: After some debate I decided to change the reel I was using with my Tiro the 3000 Theory is a great reel and I didnt have any problem with it but after continuous use I found that it was just not balancing the rod as well as I wanted it to so I decided to change. I took a spin to Absolute fishing and got myself a nice shiny Daiwa Ballistic 3000SH which is a 2500 size with the spool capacity of a 3000 it balances the rod perfectly.

While I was there Cian told me there was a new supply of Costa’s in and I had to take a look wish I hadn’t as I now also own a pair of those and what a great piece of kit they are. Up until now I had mostly been using other polarised lense sunglasses but the difference these make is incredible. I can see into the water more clearly and sharply than I have ever been able to before. They really are superb.

I also recently recieved some Ecogear lures in the post and since I hadnt seen these lures
before now dont ask me why…I have to say they just look fantastic but its all very well looking good I had to see how they fish…..

First up the Mebaru Shokunin in the strawtail version which are specifically designed for the Japanese rockfish called ”Mebaru” I had a few different colours in this range and also some of the ecogearaqua range of strawtails. So I decided on a mark and went there armed only with the Shokunin and strawtails.

These lures have really odd smell kind of like a burned smell strange…anyhow I rigged one colour after another texas style and nothing not a touch.
It wasnt until I rigged up the light smoke gold colour that I was into my first fish a nice feisty little ballan.

I moved to another little gully and cast in and slowly retrieved tight to the bottom or at least as best I conditions were far from perfect with a steady easterly picking up and a good size swell making life difficult to keep in touch with the lure but even so it wasnt long until I picked up another nice wrasse.

Ballan on lure
Ballan on lure

Had another few fish on this lure which stood up to the teeth on these guys I only used 2 for the session.

A short but sweet 3hr session but enjoyable all the same great to get to use and catch on something that I had never used before.

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