David Muirin from Arklow reports:

A couple days ago I signed up for a facebook species hunt competitions brought by the Lure Heaven UK-

 www. lure heaven uk modern lure fishing distributors

After received my entry card by post,  my journey begins. It’s gonna be a very tough task because the competition is open for UK and Ireland only. Here in Ireland there is much less freshwater and marine species compare to UK.  But I will not give up. Just for my own fun and satisfaction I’m wonder how many different species I can catch. Lure fish and shore/bank/ species  count only.  The other thing is , that taking a part in this event is givin’ me a different outlook on my fishing- I don’t remember a  day when I was so happy, like today when I caught my first ever lure gudgeon.

At the moment I’ve encountered 5 species- pike , perch, white and brown trout, gudgeon. Some entrants are a way ahead but I don’t mind.
Spoke to my mate Jay yesterday, who said if we could hit 20 species it would be a good result.
We will see- this is all about fun.

The rules are simply:
1 point for an every lure caught species
1 extra point for a biggest fish

Ah, and I forgot to mention, there is some good prizes for a grab….
Wish me luck then 😉

David Muirin

Web: http://ecoastfishing.blogspot.com/