Paul Waghorne is back at Lanesborough and reports that water levesl are almost at summer levels due to Waterways Ireland dropping the height of Lough Ree at Athlone to protect the Callows, downstream of the town. The low water has made fishing at Lanesborough, especially on the shallow hot water stretch, very difficult.

The same weed we had problems with last year, has not disappeared as hoped, rendering much of the stretch downstream of the bridge almost un-fishable. On the plus side though, the weed assisted in much of last years fry surviving throughout the winter and the stretch is stuffed with sub 2oz Rudd and Roach.

Since Paul arrived at  he  has only had two very short sessions and has not landed a fish better than 4oz. Peter Wood  persevered below the disabled swims and was rewarded with roach to 10oz. Other anglers struggled, but according to Paul, the feeder is the wrong option early in the season when the roach is the predominate species.

One angler yesterday had a pair of Rudd both about a pound. Last night, Paul fished for an hour at dusk and had 16 fish up to 4oz, made up of rudd, roach and a solitary perch. With the Easter weekend approaching,  Paul’s advice to anglers considering a trip to Lanesborough is hold off until things improve.

Online radio

In the meantime they can listen to Paul on his new radio show – Get Ya Tackle Out on This an audio magazine for angling in Ireland. Paul is hoping to get this format onto mainstream radio and is asking everyone to please forward this message to all your friends or put a link on your webpage.

For the next few weeks, there will be two 25 minute shows at 9pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Paul Waghorne