Rob Love, Carton House Fishery Manager, reports that the daddy long legs are bringing trout to the surface and the rainbow trout are taking lures well…

Angling activity on the Rye Lake has been very low over the last week.  With ‘Daddys’ evident in good numbers there is the occasional large rise as another one of these poor unfortunates is gobbled up by a passing trout.

The water clarity is very good at present and apart from a ‘Daddy longlegs’ pattern, flies such as Minkies or Woolly Buggers can also give good results.

The lower end of the Rye Lake pictured yesterday.
The lower end of the Rye Lake pictured yesterday.

Thank goodness for the Sheet of Water.  While the fishing on the Rye has been quite challenging over the last week this stretch offers the perfect antidote.    The usual ‘Rainbow flies’ are working well with green or orange damsels top of the list.  The resident Rainbows are in great condition and offer great sport with screaming reels being the order of the day.

The Sheet of Water is a more forgiving stretch of water to fish than the Rye which can be quite demanding.  It is perhaps more suited to the beginner / improving angler and it is far more sheltered than the Rye Lake which helps with anyone brushing up on casting technique.  Fishing on the Sheet of Water is only permitted when with a guide.

Go fishing…

A day permit is €50.  Anglers should note that this means they can fish for brown trout on the Rye Lake, brown trout on the Rye Water and rainbow trout on the Sheet of Water (all fly only) in this timeframe – so if one is not working the other might.

If you have any queries about fishing at Carton House please contact Guest Relations on 01.5052000 or me on 087 1947811.  You can also see the other activities on offer at Carton House by checking the Carton House website