Jay La Roche had a cracking time fishing for trout this week …. and I mean cracking in every sense of the word! Not only did he and his companion enjoy some cracking sport, but Jay also cracked his Tiro leaving him out of the race for the next fish for some time!

Jay and Dawid tried their local river for Brown trout but instead had two unexpected cousins of their quarry instead. About 2 hours in Dawid was shouting that he had a big salmon on. Using only LRF gear intended for trout the fish led him a merry dance before being landed and identified as a kelt. The fish was quickly returned and swam off strongly after being given a chance to recover.

Dawid with large salmon
Dawid with large kelt which was immediately returned. Kelts and salmon will occasionally be caught by anglers targeting other species and should be returned quickly to maximise their chance of surviving

The fish were few and far between but Dawid hooked a rainbow trout with sharp fins that he thought must be wild, but is surely an escapee.

Dawid with rainbow trout
Dawid with rainbow trout. With the day he's having, it's no wonder he's smiling!

The pair kept on working along the river and then disaster.Crack! there goes the tip of Jay’s much loved Tiro!

They continued to fish with the one rod taking turns fishing, but apart from dropping another salmon which Jay watched engulf his lure there was nothing else to report.

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