Kenny Hartnett from Co Kildare is a keen angler and recently he was fishing in Wexford at a popular mark…

With a south westerly wind and sunny conditions my friend and I headed out to try to land an early morning bass.  As we where wrecked from an  all night shift  catching dog fish  we set or rods with the last of our rag worm. Ten minutes in and my rod gave a tap then another I said to David “We’re on here bro!”

Sure enough I picked up the rod to the amazing sound every angler loves to hear  of the reel taking off . “Here we go!” I shouted, only to turn the tension and take a better grip and off it came . Disappointed David asked was it a bass and I thought it probably was. That’s the way it goes, the one that got away”, I said.

Half an hour later we moved our gear about 800 yards as the tide stated to rise and set the rods again. As before my rod gave a tap, then another. This time I was prepared and struck hard and away he went left and right which I thought was strange for bass because the usually go one way with the current. After a twenty minute scrap  a beautiful Gilthead bream surfaced  which we landed. This was my first one which was really cool. I had no scales with me but I reckon he definitely over 5 lb  . It made my day and he was released to fight another day.

gilthead bream from Wexford
Kenny’s first ever Gilthead bream