Yet another year of hard work nears an end for the members of EFSA Ireland, organisers of the Irish Winter Shore Festival, a very important event on the angling calendar. This years event is just over two weeks away and will take place again over three days. The scheduled dates for the competition are Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th January 2015. The event is sponsored this year by Tronixpro and Vercelli and if the weather obliges the fishing is due to take place again on the beaches of Wexford.

This prestigious competition has been building numbers slowly and consistently over the last few years and this years event has already received lots of additional interest from both Irish and overseas anglers. The Irish Winter Shore Festival has always attracted many excellent anglers from overseas and this years event looks as if it will see an increase in anglers  from England, Scotland, Wales and Iceland as well as many more Irish anglers.

The base for the competition will be the Sean Ogs complex in Kilmuckridge and accommodation at Sean Ogs can be reserved through the organisers. We will keep you posted on how the event is progressing and look forward to posting details of the 2015 winners in a couple of weeks.

For further information and entries please contact Warren Doyle, 98 Seacrest, Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland. Telephone +353 1 2828769, Mobile: +353 86 8069961, Email[email protected]

Winter Shore Festival

Joe Byrne With A Nice Flounder at Last Years Event
Joe Byrne With A Nice Flounder at Last Years Event