The Mayfly is up on Lough Derg, though not all the bays are seeing hatches. In the Scarriff and Mountshannon area anglers fishing out of boats from Fisherman’s Paradise in Scarriff are reporting mixed fishing. One boat had 8 trout to 2lb fishing on Thursday during good hatches of fly. The same boat only managed 1 fish early on Friday morning during a huge hatch. Most boats out that had fish did so before 10.30am, but nothing after that as the day grew brighter and the hatching fly quickly took to the wind in the warm, breezy conditions. There was no fall of Gnat.

Gavin Mannix with one of 10 trout caught on Saturday - all on dry fly
Gavin Mannix with one of 10 trout caught on Saturday – all on dry fly

On Saturday teeming rain might have put off a lot of anglers but the fish fed better. Thursday’s lucky boat had 12 trout, 3 between 2.5lb and 3lb. Hatching fly could not get off the water surface and fish fed steadily, though not all boats were lucky to be in range of the rising trout. Those that were getting fish had success with Green, Grey and Royal Wulffs.

Another Derg trout falls for a Green Wulff variant

A number of boats reported seeing pods of as many as 10 fish feeding together for brief periods, though again, getting in range of the fish was not always straightforward.

One of sunny Sundays fish going back

On Sunday the sun was back and not even a cloudburst and thunderstorm could stir the fish. Hatches were very light and it seems most fish were again caught early on. There was a brief “dance” by the Gnats but nothing really came of it and the lake seemed deserted by 9pm.


Reports from Tinnerana Bay were similar on Sunday, though it does not seem they had the same hatches on Saturday or early last week as were experienced on Scarriff Bay.

On Sunday few duns were visible in the lakeside trees

Monday evening finally saw a good fall of Gnat in parts of Scarriff Bay and spent fishing was possible.


Terryglass Angling and Conservation Club reports that as of yesterday there was still very little Mayfly around that part of the lake.  Hopes were high that the heatwave would spur on the hatch locally, but it never quite reached Terryglass.

Forecast is good Thursday onwards. It will be interesting to hear what the next few days bring for the anglers.

Go fishing…

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 Lough Derg trout
Another fine Lough Derg trout